Downloadable Datasets

  • 2012 RTP-Consistent SBTAM Data - Base Year 2008(.xls)
  • 2012 RTP-Consistent SBTAM Projection Data - Horizon Year 2035(.xls)
  • 2012 RTP Adopted Growth Forecast (City Level Forecasts Only)(.xls)
  • 2010 RTP SANBAG Local Input (.xls)
  • 2010 Census Blocks w/Pop. & Housing (ESRI Shapefile)
  • 2008 RTP Adopted Growth Forecast
  • 2004 RTP Adopted City Projections (.xls)
  • 2004 RTP SANBAG Local Input (.xls)
  • Census 2000 - Demographic Statistics (.xls)
  • Census 2000 - Labor Force Statistics (.xls)
  • Census 2000 - Commuting Statistics (.xls)
  • SCAG Final RHNA Allocation 2006 - 2014 (.pdf)

Data Information

The SANBAG Data Management Office (DMO) currently maintains a variety of data. The data maintained by the DMO is largely dependent upon information contributed by local governments and transit operators within San Bernardino County and is therefore available to these organizations upon request free of charge.

Data is also available, on a limited basis, to the private sector depending upon availability of information and recovery of costs associated with staff time and materials.

Unless specified otherwise, the GIS data available for download is compressed and in ESRI Shapefile format. You will need to uncompress all files into the same directory in order to load the data into a GIS viewer. Viewers include ArcView, ArcExplorer (Free), and Google Earth Pro. (There may be viewing limitations with Google Earth Pro when using large datasets.)

Projection/Coordinate System

SANBAG GIS uses California State Plan Zone V (feet), North American Datum 83 (NAD 83).

Data Disclaimer

This data is for reference purposes only and is compiled from best available sources. SANBAG assumes no responsibility for errors arising from misuse of this map.

Other Resources

SANBAG Contact

Cameron Brown
Data Program Administrator
Phone: (909) 884-8276
Fax:     (909) 885-4407