Transportation Modeling

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Prior to SANBAG providing model related data/files/services, an SBTAM Model Users Agreement Form must be submitted to SANBAG. Upon completion of the Modeling Request Form, the Model Users Agreement Form will be emailed to the address specified.
SBTAM Modeling Request Form
Project Information:
*Requesting Agency:   *Project Jurisdiction:  
*Requesting Agency Contact Name:   *Email Address:     *Phone #:  
*Requesting Agency Address     
*City   *State:     *Zip:      
Are you a consultant for another agency?
If Yes, Client Agency Name: Client Contact Name:
Client Phone#: Client Email Address:
Describe the Project and what you need from SANBAG regarding the SBTAM model
*Proj. Description:  
Describe specific data or services being requested. Geographic area covered, model year, time periods (Daily, AM Peak, PM Peak), projects specific model runs, etc.
*Services Requested:   Date Needed By:
Expected Project End Date:
Only one attachment per request. If you have multiple files, please zip them together and upload the .zip file.      
Responsible Modeler Information (Leave blank if no modeling will be done)
Name: Email Address:
Address:  Phone #:
City: State: Zip:    
Modeler Resume:        
If uploading a resume or attachment, please hit upload button before submitting the form.