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 I-215 & Barton Rd Interchange

Agreements Other Docs
 Doc. TypeDoc. FormatDate
Fact SheetFact SheetPDF 11/17/2009
RIP ROW funding in FMISFederal Funding DocumentationFederal Fund Backup Doc.02/03/2015
Jerry Lewis letter 9/22/05Federal Funding DocumentationImage10/16/2012
Earmark Reallocation Proposal 215 BartonFederal Funding DocumentationPDF09/25/2012
Earmark Reallocation Proposal FormFederal Funding DocumentationPDF09/24/2012
Demo ID225 EarmarkFederal Funding DocumentationPDF08/30/2012
Finance LetterFinance LetterPDF08/01/2016
FADS FMIS ApprovalOtherImage06/29/2016
Alternative 7 Overhead MapOtherPDF10/23/2013
PPM FormOtherPDF 02/12/2010
E-76 Docs
 Doc. FormatDate
Caltrans E76 ROW 557kPDF08/30/2016
SANBAG E76 ROW 1.372MPDF08/30/2016
215 Barton Rd IC E-76PDF04/21/2015
R/W E-76PDF03/19/2015
I-215 Barton Rd IC E76PDF12/20/2012
Project Programming Request (PPR)
Request For Authorization (RFA)
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